Learn About the Driving Performance of AMG Vehicles


AMG are authentic performance vehicles that come with numerous enhancements, exemplary performance and powerful speed. It is made for the most passionate drivers of the world. AMG has created some of the highly sought-after automobiles in the market. They are the product of talented designers, craftsmen, and engineers who have lived to test the limits.


AMG Mercedes has an inbuilt 3.0 liters V6 biturbo engine that comes with large turbochargers and highly sophisticated AMG software that helps in delivering peak performance with heightened efficiency.

An AMG engine is made to not just perform but also outperform. It is among high-performance weapons present in engineering arsenal. Some of its features are:

  • Power Delivery
  • Sound
  • Handling

Power Delivery

With every passing generation, AMG engines are producing more muscle efficiently. It is the job of AMG transmission systems to hone that power and deliver both accuracy and speed.  Advanced gearboxes comprise of 4 selectable driving modes, along with racing derived features includes dual and multi-clutch technology.


Mercedes-AMG is known for remarkable distribution of weight and exemplary wheel design that assists in transferring load uniformly. Its frame rigidity is engineered for responsiveness. Sport suspension feature of the vehicle analyzes different driving situation and adapts itself accordingly.

AMG’s confident control assures users of high-performance braking system. Its light in weight design comprises of innovative uses of materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum for optimum efficiency and tracking. High-performance handling calls provide improved road grip that is delivered by wide axle tracks present on most of the models and wider tires.


Just when the AMG machine starts, you can easily hear its powerful sonorous growl which is an unmistakable signature of each and every AMG vehicle. Every driving situation presents a unique symphony that is developed and cherished by performance enthusiasts.

AMG’s all wheel driving system is developed to provide the signature AMG feel. By making the best usage of torque, it is 35% lighter as compared to other comparable systems. Used in auto racing systems, AMG vehicles manage airflow that exits from below the vehicle. Most of the AMG models use it as a stylistic or functional element.


A lot of people are drifted to AMG vehicles due to its high-speed, and high adrenaline driving adventure. This vehicle is engineered specifically for riders who look for speed, performance and stability. AMG vehicles come with fully balanced individual engines. They are combined with highly lightweight and strong aluminum pistons that offer quick and smooth response.