How to Find the Best Dealer for SUVs in Indonesia


Like any other thing, the mere idea of buying a new SUV is always exciting and emotional. It brings lot of cheer and happiness among individuals. Choosing a SUV car is an important decision as you have to consider so many factors that include financial resources, suitability, performance and safety measures of car.

SUV Dealers

Equally important is to identify the best and the most trusted dealer for SUV Indonesia. There may be many SUV dealers in your city but all dealers are not alike.

While some can actually provide you with what you truly need with all the benefits, others may take advantage of your lack of knowledge or failure of your ability to bargain.

It is, therefore, of paramount importance to gather maximum possible information regarding SUV car that you are going to buy. Majority of the details of SUV car and dealers are available on their websites yet it is important to meet the dealers in person and negotiate the price and other benefits.

It is always sensible to meet most of the SUV Indonesia dealers and take notes for comparison. In addition, you must watch out for certain qualities when you negotiate with dealers for SUVs in Indonesia.

Qualities to be watched


Sincerity plays a vital role in identifying a good SUV Indonesia dealer. A good dealer should not concentrate on price of the car alone. He should detail you about the features and benefits of the vehicle on priority.

A professional SUV dealer will never try to sell car aggressively but employ his skill to genuinely and rationally convince you to buy the car from him.


A genuine car dealer is never in hurry to sell his car to you. He waits for your queries to which he patiently replies. An honest car dealer is responsive and may invite more questions from you which are answered by him which will prove his honest approach.

You can simply judge the honesty element in SUV dealer and accordingly proceed further.

Transparency in Transaction

As a vigilant buyer you should always ask about the breakup of the total cost i.e. cost of vehicle, registration, insurance and other add on accessories etc. Make sure that there are no hidden expenses associated with your purchasing.

You must re-confirm about free services and warranty period etc. from the dealer. If you find that all details regarding paper work pertaining to financing and vehicle are going to be crystal clear and transparent, you may proceed further with purchase of your proud SUVs in Indonesia

However, customers should always try to buy their SUV cars from authorized dealer of the company, preferably near to their residence